Company Profile

Wavin Industries Limited is one of India's major manufacturers of polymer-based piping system for more than three decades. We began by manufacturing PPR Piping Systems, Multi-Layer Composite Piping Systems, PVC Pressure Piping Systems, uPVC Column Pipes, SWR Drainage Systems, Polyethylene Manholes, Casing Pipes, Agri Pipes and a variety of other plastic moulded products for agricultural and household applications.

Wavin has grown to become one of the top piping solutions providers in the country, adhering to national and international quality standards with over distributors and 4300 dealers, 17 manufacturing units ,and 4 depots located around the country.

Our company is also ISO 9001:2008 certified and has inked a technological partnership agreement with Flotek Turkey to manufacture polythene manholes in India. These manholes are manufactured by EN 13598-2 specifications and are widely utilized to meet global infrastructure needs.

Wavin has evolved to become one of the country's largest producers of pipe systems. Wavin operates by the strictest international and national quality requirements.

What Makes Us Unique?

Wavin Industries Limited is one of India's top Polymer Based Water Solutions firms, having spent the last three decades largely manufacturing a wide range of piping products.

Diverse Product Portfolio

With time, we expanded our manufacturing capabilities to include PPR Piping Systems, PVC Pressure Piping Systems, Multi-Layer Composite Piping Systems, SWR Drainage Systems, Casing Pipes, uPVC Column Pipes, Polyethylene Manholes, Agri Pipes, and a variety of other plastic-moulded agricultural and household products.

Development and Evolution

In our pursuit of technical advancements, we brought to the country products that are extremely robust and cost-effective. We become India's largest and fastest-growing provider of piping system solutions, as well as a chosen Superbrand in the category.


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