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About Us

With a presence across the length and broadness of India and an impression of more than thirty years, Wavin Industries Limited is one of the main polymer-based piping Solutions suppliers in India. With unrivaled quality and state-of-the-art advancements, we feel pleased to be a one-stop answer for offering a wide range of plumbing frameworks. We, at Wavin, strive to move water in the most effective way by ceaselessly improving and conveying items to conserve the elixir of life. Our products touch millions of lives across the country, really making us- India ki Waterline.

Among the Top Manufacturers of PVC Pipes

Wavin has expanded its reach far and wide throughout the country's geography for 30 years. Wavin expanded into the piping systems market as well , becoming among the top manufacturer of PPR and PVC pipes. Wavin has become one of the top pipe solutions providers in the country, adhering to national and international quality standards with over 4300 distributors and dealers, 17 manufacturing units , and 4 depots located around the country. It is a key to having a well-designed piping system since it is accountable for the end-to-end conveyance of water from the source to the consumer. This transfer must occur without any leakage or waste. Wavin guarantees that its piping system is robust enough to withstand any external pressure and is resistant to corrosion in any environment conditions. That way of thinking has helped us grow into one of the leading manufacturers of PVC pipes. Apart from manufacturing PVC pipes, Wavin offers a diverse range of Piping Systems suitable for industrial, domestic, and agricultural applications.

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